USC Gould School of Law

One of the nation’s preeminent law schools, Gould provides top-notch training in the profession and its specialties and a culture of collegiality and tight-knit collaboration.

Online Master's Programs

USC Gould offers both online master’s degrees and graduate certificates designed to advance your career. Explore Gould’s program options in the below categories.

  • Law (2)
    Taking an interdisciplinary approach to teaching about the U.S. legal system, the online Master of Laws (LLM) program is designed for international law professionals seeking leadership roles in the global market, providing the skills and perspective important to every legal professional who will practice, teach or work in business.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program offers early-career and seasoned non-lawyer professionals with an unparalleled education in complex legal matters and teaches students how to apply their skills and knowledge to advance their careers and serve their organizations.
    USC Gould School of Law

Online Graduate Certificates

  • Law (11)
    Ideal for those who want to gain a fundamental knowledge and skills needed to apply legal concepts and strategic thinking to real-world business problems, the online Certificate in Business Law program offers students the opportunity to acquire the diverse skills and knowledge for any area of business development, including organizational and financial aspects.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Certificate in Compliance program provides students with the fundamental knowledge of compliance and related legal issues necessary to implement compliance protocols or programs in the workplace, with specialization in compliance, regulation laws and legal issues in this growing field.
    USC Gould School of Law
    Based in the world's entertainment capital, the online Entertainment Law and Industry certificate increases your fluency in laws specific to film, television and media industries. It will prepare and familiarize you with the business aspects of the entertainment industry, related contracts, work with guilds and other organizations, and copyright and trademark matters.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Financial Compliance certificate offers the opportunity to obtain fundamental knowledge of financial institutions as well as governance of corporate entities and global organization. This program is ideal for those who work for financial institutions or in finance departments that deal with financial compliance and finance-related regulatory issues on a daily basis.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Health Care Compliance certificate offers essential understanding of the relevant laws, regulations and legal issues related to health care. Students can pursue specific health-focused online classes that that benefit those who work for hospitals, clinics, health insurance providers or other health care related organizations.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The certificate prepares you for a specialization in employment law and compliance, and provides for a deeper understanding of the relevant laws, regulations and legal issues related to human resources. The online Human Resources Law and Compliance certificate is ideal for those who want to learn more about compliance and how it affects employment law, mediation, discrimination and risk management.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online certificate in Law and Government is designed for students who want to focus on the intersection of legislation, regulation, policy and the law. Students will explore how federal, state and local governments work and the role lawyers and non-lawyers play in making, implementing and enforcing the law.
    USC Gould School of Law
    Students will have the opportunity to explore legal framework concerning information privacy. The program prepares graduates for leading roles in protecting business and individual data with essential legal background, policies and best practices that preserve digital integrity today.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Real Estate Law certificate provides students with a fundamental understanding of legal principles and contracts related to real estate. The coursework focuses on the practical application of real estate laws to real-world scenarios.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online Social Work Administration certificate provides a working understanding of the laws and regulations that impact social work. This certificate is geared toward leadership-minded professionals in social work and social service agencies.
    USC Gould School of Law
    The online certificate in Technology and Entrepreneurship Law prepares students for practice at the intersection of intellectual property and business law. The program is designed for those who want to focus on legal and business issues emerging companies face in technology and start-ups.
    USC Gould School of Law
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