Master of Studies in Law, M.S.L

USC Gould School of Law

The USC Online Master of Studies in Law is designed for seasoned professionals and new graduates from a varying fields of studies and careers, who seek an understanding of how the U.S. legal system functions.

Given the pervasiveness of law in many different industries, the M.S.L. Program meets the growing demand for professionals to have familiarity with the fundamentals of law and the legal and regulatory process. Our courses will allow students to understand and meet compliance requirements for their companies and organizations. The M.S.L. degree is intended for students who wish to learn more about U.S. law but do not intend to become attorneys.

Career Options
M.S.L. graduates go onto work in a variety of career settings. They use their USC Gould education to begin or advance their careers in advanced fields such as (but not limited to):
• Business/corporate settings
• Education
• Engineering
• Entertainment industry
• Government
• Health care
• Human resources
• Patent agencies

The USC M.S.L. degree does not allow graduates to sit for a U.S. bar exam or practice law in the United States.

Sample Courses/Schedule
M.S.L. students are required to complete 21 units of study and are able to select coursework that suits their interests and benefits their career:
• LAW 505: Legal Profession
• LAW 508: Constitutional Law
• LAW 510: Legal Research
• LAW 520: Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
• LAW-522: Entertainment Law & Industry
• LAW 521: Topics in American Law
• LAW-527: Intellectual Property: Copyright
• LAW-551: Intellectual Property: Trademark
• LAW-559: Human Resource Compliance
• LAW-574: Health Care Compliance
• LAW-598: Regulatory Compliance
• LAW 603: Business Organizations
• LAW 632: Business for Lawyers
• LAW 658: Mergers & Acquisitions
• LAW 710: Contract Drafting & Strategy
• LAW 749: Securities Regulation

Faculty Spotlight

Robin McCaffery Daniel Yankelevits