Business Law Certificate

USC Gould School of Law

The USC online Business Law Certificate helps legal professionals to expand their knowledge and skills as the rise of global commerce is swiftly making U.S. law the international language of business. The program also helps meet the growing demand for non-lawyers to become familiar with the numerous ways in which law and policy influence business and industry.

Attorneys can acquire the diverse skills and knowledge required to represent clients in any area of business law, including organizational and financial aspects, as well as deal making. Non-lawyers have the opportunity to learn more about business law, the U.S. legal system, and how law affects their respective fields

Career Options

The online Business Law Certificate is ideal for students who wish to learn about business law and how it affects their fields, including:

Sample Courses

The online Business Law Certificate requires a total of 12 units of the following courses. Course descriptions can be found here.

Faculty Spotlight

Ruchi Desai Burt Park