What Are the Best Online Law Certificates for Non-Lawyers?

From the world of business to the entertainment industry, all types of working professionals can benefit from obtaining a law certificate in their chosen field.

In one form or another, an understanding of the law is crucial to every company’s success.

Contracts, negotiations, human resources and copyrights are all legal issues that can regularly arise during the workday, and developing a comprehension in these areas can be a massive asset to your career trajectory.

Of course, some working professionals don’t have the time or opportunity to attend law school on top of the education they’ve already pursued. But you don’t have enroll in a JD program to deepen your law knowledge — many prospective students opt to obtain a specialized certificate instead.

The USC Gould School of Law offers several online certificates for non-lawyers, whether you work in business, media, finance, health care or other fields. Below, we’ve rounded up seven that can help you grow in your chosen industry.

Business Law Certificate

With the online Business Law Certificate, students will learn how to apply legal concepts to business issues and develop the skills to represent organizations in various areas of business development.

Courses focus on understanding and drafting contracts, improving negotiation skills, the principles of business law, gaining a working knowledge of securities regulation and more.

You can earn the Business Law Certificate from USC Gould in as fast as three semesters. It can be earned as a standalone certificate, as well as concurrently with your Master of Studies in Law (MSL) or Master of Laws (LLM).

To begin the certificate program, you do not need to take the LSAT or have any prior knowledge of law.

Compliance Certificate

In the online Compliance Certificate program, students will be trained to implement compliance protocols and programs in the workplace. They will also learn how compliance affects a myriad of fields, including business, government, health care, employment law and more.

Critical thinking skills, an understanding of legal terminology and practical knowledge of compliance are all emphasized throughout the coursework.

The online Compliance Certificate can be completely in as few as three semesters, and neither prior law experience nor LSAT scores are required. Students may obtain a standalone certificate or earn it concurrently in the MSL or LLM program.

Financial Compliance Certificate

If you’re interested in narrowing your focus in compliance, USC Gould also offers an online Financial Compliance Certificate. The program provides students with a greater understanding of financial compliance and the regulations in place for financial institutions both at home and abroad.

Classes focus on business principles, corporate governance, financial institution regulation, contract drafting, securities regulation and more. Students will walk away with confidence in their abilities to assess financial risk management procedures and review legal documents.

The online Financial Compliance Certificate program, which you can complete within three semesters, can be taken on its own or within the MSL or LLM degree tracks. Previous law experience and LSAT scores are not required for admission.

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Health Care Compliance Certificate

Compliance is a necessary concept to understand for many employees, including those who work for hospitals, clinics and health insurance providers. Those in medical-related professions might consider earning an online Health Care Compliance Certificate to fully grasp the laws, regulations and policies that govern this field.

Students will take a variety of courses that dive into health care law and policy, business and financial management in the health care industry, regulatory compliance, the history of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the way patient privacy laws are applied.

The online Health Care Compliance Certificate can be completed within three semesters. You don’t need to take the LSAT to obtain this certificate. No prior law knowledge is required, either. Students pursuing their MSL or LLM degree can obtain this certificate concurrently with their program.

Human Resources Law and Compliance Certificate

One of the main responsibilities for a human resources employee is ensuring that workplaces are following the proper laws and regulations. Thus, obtaining the online Human Resources Law and Compliance Certificate is perfect for anyone looking to advance their career in HR.

Students will not only walk away with a thorough understanding of employment law, but also with the skills to successfully negotiate and mediate with employees and review legal documents and policies.

The online Human Resources Law and Compliance Certificate, which you can finish within three semesters, can be taken on its own or earned concurrently within the MSL and LLM degree programs. Neither law knowledge nor LSAT scores are required for admission.

Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate

Issues with copyrights, trademarks and the First Amendment regularly come up for those orbiting the entertainment and media sphere. So, a working knowledge of the legal system can greatly benefit anyone working within the entertainment industry.

In the online Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate program, students will take a variety of courses that will prepare them to better understand the legal and business issues that come up when creating digital media, how to work with talent and influencers, and how to handle negotiations when developing TV shows and movies. Understanding contacts and intellectual property laws are also explored in depth in these classes.

Students can earn the online Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate in as few as three semesters. Previous law experience and LSAT scores are not required for admission. The certificate can be earned standalone or concurrently within the MSL or LLM programs.

Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Certificate

With growing concerns surrounding internet privacy and cybersecurity, privacy laws have become more and more relevant. Those enrolled in the online Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Certificate program will become well-equipped to protect both business and personal data.

Students will learn about cybercrimes, like hacking and data phishing, and the legal precedents established to handle them. They will also dive into global compliance laws, how to mitigate risk when it comes to handling data and how to apply privacy laws across different fields.

The online Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Certificate is offered as a standalone program, or you can complete it concurrently while obtaining your MSL or LLM. No prior knowledge of law or LSAT scores are needed to apply for the program.

Learn more about the USC Gould certificate programs today.

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