Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering)

The Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) program (available both on-campus and online via DEN@Viterbi) focuses on providing its graduates not only software development skills, but also systems engineering, customer collaboration and management skills necessary for non-outsourceable careers and for leadership in software engineering.

The Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) emphasizes education for the future, including such emerging trends as software-intensive systems of systems, high assurance, agile methods, COTS integration, mobile and distributed network-centric architectures, and rapid software development and evolution.

The program includes experience in real-client class projects and state-of-the-art evaluation assignments.

Related Programs

The Department of Computer Science also offers the following degree program concentrations:

  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in CS – Artificial Intelligence (On-campus only)
  • MS in CS – Computer Networks (On-campus only)
  • MS in CS – Computer Security
  • MS in CS – Data Science
  • MS in CS – Game Development (On-campus only)
  • MS in CS – High Performance Computing and Simulation (On-campus only)
  • MS in CS – Intelligent Robotics (On-campus only)
  • MS in CS – Multimedia and Creative Technologies (On-campus only)
  • Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture

Applicants with an undergraduate degree in engineering, math, or hard science, but a limited background in computer science should consider the below program:

  • MS in CS – Scientists and Engineers

In addition, the Department of Computer Science is home to the following Data Science graduate program concentrations:

  • MS in Applied Data Science
  • MS in Communication Data Science (On-campus only)
  • MS in Cyber Security Engineering
  • MS in Environmental Data Science (On-campus only)
  • MS in Healthcare Data Science (On-campus only)
  • MS in Public Policy Data Science (On-campus only)
  • MS in Spatial Data Science (On-campus only)
  • Graduate Certificate in Big Data Fundamentals (On-campus only)

For a complete list of graduate programs offered online in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, please visit the DEN@Viterbi Program Offerings.

Career Opportunities

A variety of career opportunities exist, but primarily in the areas of:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Computer Programming
  • Software Design
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Simulation
  • Information Technology
  • Architecture
  • Communications
  • Consulting Firms

Earn your Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) online via DEN@Viterbi. Request information today.

Same Faculty. Same Program. Same Degree.

DEN@Viterbi strives to meet the needs of engineering professionals, providing the opportunity to advance your education while maintaining your career and other commitments. By breaking down geographical and scheduling barriers, DEN@Viterbi allows you to take your classes anytime and anywhere.

DEN@Viterbi students undergo the same academic requirements, curriculum, and must adhere to the same academic standards as on-campus students; therefore, your diploma is ultimately issued by the University of Southern California. There is no difference between remote students and on-campus students.