Master of Science in Engineering Management

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEMT) program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering or related sciences to prepare them for management responsibilities. As an MSEMT student, you will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies.

In addition, you will gain an understanding of the economic decision making processes. More than just theory, the MSEMT program offers real world examples provided by instructors who have years of relevant industry experience, covering topics such as technology creation, management of invention, information systems, managerial accounting, and quantitative methods. This is also a suitable program to help prospective technical entrepreneurs understand the enterprise creation process.

Career Options

A variety of career opportunities exist, but primarily in the areas of:

Program Courses of Interest*

ISE 500 | Engineering Management Decisions and Statistics
ISE 561 | Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects

Accounting Area (at least one course required)

CE 502 | Construction Accounting and Finance
ISE 565 | Law and Finance for Engineering Innovation

Engineering Management Area (at least two courses required)

ISE 515 | Engineering Project Management
ISE 544 | Management of Engineering Teams
ISE 564 | Performance Analysis
ISE 566 | Financial Accounting Analysis for Engineering

Quantitative Methods (at least one course required)

ISE 513 | Inventory Systems
ISE 514 | Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling
ISE 525 | Design of Experiments
ISE 527 | Quality Management for Engineers
ISE 530 | Optimization Methods for Analytics

*Click here for a complete list of program requirements.

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Faculty Spotlight

Geza Bottlik, PhD