Master of Science in Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine

The online Master of Science in Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine (OFPM) program is for practicing dentists interested in TMD, headaches, neuropathies, Sleep Apnea, oral medicine or intraoral pathology.

The program consists of a 36-month hybrid online/on-campus program leading to a master’s degree in orofacial pain and oral medicine (OFPOM). The curriculum is designed to provide practicing dentists with advanced knowledge and training in the areas of orofacial pain and oral medicine including sleep medicine.


The program consists of a series of 14 online didactic courses where the students will gain knowledge about the underlying science as well as the diagnosis, pathobiology and treatment of different oral and maxillofacial diseases and disorders.

In addition to these courses, the student will attend USC for two weeks each summer during the three-year period for an additional three face-to-face assessment courses where they will be tested for knowledge acquisition using a set of objective standardized clinical examinations, oral interviews and written examinations.

They will also be required to prepare a final portfolio of cases and conduct and present a research project report. During their visits to USC, the residents will gain experience diagnosing and treating patients in the USC OFOPM center.

During the year, the residents will attend weekly video conferences where online students are required to analyze, diagnose and prepare treatment plan cases that are posted for analysis. These cases will cover the following diseases: temporomandibular disorders; infectious, dysplastic, neoplastic proliferative, erosive and ulcerative oral and pharyngeal mucosal diseases.

Students will also learn about and work with patients who have various salivary, neurogenic, osseous and odontogenic infections, tumors and diseases including oral neuropathic pain, oral spasticity, migraine, tension type and chronic daily headache and sleep apnea disorders.

Career Options


Faculty positions in public and community health academic programs


Specialized knowledge to provide the depth needed to promote and address the oral health crises and health care challenges


Positions available in schools and universities, private practice, non-profit organizations, medical centers, community health centers as well as local and state departments


Research being conducted related to community and oral health at health institutes, local and national public health departments and private companies


Workplace advancement opportunities in federal, state, local, private, non-profit and non-governmental organizations

Clinical Practice

Clinician to address the needs of vulnerable populations in hospitals, universities, governmental agencies and private businesses


Private companies and governmental organizations seek those with knowledge on emerging importance for oral health in all communities

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Experiential Learning Requirement

(90%) online learning and (10%) educational activities. There is a week-long on-site bootcamp in the summer of the student’s second and third year.