Certificate in Community Oral Health

The online Certificate in Community Oral Health is a unique and innovative opportunity for clinicians, educators and administrators who want to learn more on a wide variety of issues while focusing on the unique needs of community health programs.

The Certificate in Community Oral Health is a hybrid online/on-campus program with a total of six courses (13 units), specifically designed for the professional who wants to improve skills and gain expertise to ensure the best care for patients within their communities.

The curriculum is designed with a series of didactic courses in which students will gain knowledge about health sciences and education, programs assessment, planning and administration, epidemiology, environmental and cultural issues, social and behavioral sciences.

The goal of this one-year certificate program is to give health care providers, educators and administrators and advanced didactic and evidence-based education in the field of community oral health.

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Career Outcomes

Graduates can find careers in the below fields:


Faculty positions in public and community health academic programs with additional knowledge of current oral health issues


Specialized knowledge to provide the depth needed to promote and address the oral health crises, health care challenges and current health disparity issues to promote improved community health

Community Clinics

Health and oral education and instructional positions are available in schools and universities, non-profit organizations, medical centers, community health centers as well as local and state departments


Leadership and interpersonal skills for workplace advancement opportunities in federal, state, local, private, non-profit and non-governmental organizations

Clinical Practice

Diverse opportunities with advanced community and oral health knowledge as a public health clinician to address the needs of vulnerable populations in hospitals, universities, governmental agencies and private businesses


Private companies and governmental organizations seek those with knowledge on emerging importance for oral health in all communities


Analytical and problem-solving skills can assist research being conducted related to community and oral health at health institutes, local and national public health departments and private companies

Experiential Learning Requirements

(90%) online learning and (10%) educational activities. There is a week long on-site bootcamp in the summer