Master in Community Oral Health

If you are interested in improving access to oral health care with a community-based approach, consider applying to the Online Masters Degree in Community Oral Health. This program is a unique and innovative opportunity for clinicians, educators and administrators who want to learn more on a wide variety of issues while focusing on the unique needs of community health programs.

Project Administration

The program is primarily online but also includes a practicum where the student develops a project within a community or organization
The program does not provide a stipend


COH‌-701 Community Health Sciences (2 units)
COH‌-702 Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 units)
COH‌-703 Community Health Program Planning and Implementation (2 units)
COH‌-704 Environmental Health Sciences (3 units)
COH‌-705 Research and Biostatistics in Healthcare (2 units)
COH‌-706 Foundations and Strategies in Health Education (2 units)
COH‌-707 Epidemiology (2 units)
COH‌-708 Community Health Science Administration, assessment and evaluation (2 units)

Elective 1:

COH‌-709 Community Health Program Execution and Communication (1 unit)
COH‌-710 Health Assessment (1 unit)
COH‌-711 Practicum 1 (1 units)
COH‌-712 Practicum 2 (0.5 units)
COH‌-593a Capstone Project (2 units)

Elective 2:

COH‌-713 Health Education and Promotion (1 unit)
COH‌-714 Community Health Funding and Support (1 unit)
COH‌-593b Capstone Project (2 unit)
COH‌-717 Practicum 3 (0.5 units)

Elective 3:

COH‌-715 Community Health Practice Standards (1 unit)
COH‌-716 Healthcare communication technology (1 unit)