Master of Arts in Foodservice Management and Dietetics

The Master of Arts in Foodservice Management and Dietetics online program prepares students to be leaders in a changing and in-demand field and to help promote healthspan, longevity, wellness, nutrition and dietetics in a variety of foodservice management settings.

The Master of Arts in Foodservice Management and Dietetics (MAFMD) program can be completed online or in person and as a full- or part-time student. For full-time students, the 32 unit-curriculum can be completed in as little as one year.

Courses are taught by USC Leonard Davis School faculty members and prepare students to provide leadership in foodservice systems and aging, educate diverse populations about food and its societal and cultural relevance, understand the importance of the biological, psychological and social aspects of aging, implement best practices in food safety and production, independently produce and evaluate complex menus, formulate recipes and understand the aspects of senior living hospitality functions as they relate to foodservice.

At the end of this program, graduates will be able to implement best practices in personnel management related to foodservice systems and sit for the national Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM®) Credentialing Exam.

Earn your Master of Science in Foodservice Management and Dietetics online from USC Leonard Davis. Request information today.


Curriculum (32 units):

  • GERO 488: Food, Culture, Disease and Longevity in Italy and the Mediterranean (4 units)
  • GERO 500: Perspectives on a Changing Society: An Introduction to Aging (4 units)
  • GERO 512: Communicating Nutrition and Health (2 units)
  • GERO 515: Food Production and Foodservice Management (4 units)
  • GERO 567: Prevention of Chronic Diseases through Nutrition, Physical Activity and Lifestyle Changes (4 units)
  • GERO 577: Foodservice and Senior Living (2 units)
  • GERO 578 Revenue Management for Senior Living (2 units)
  • GERO 591 Field Practicum (2 units)
  • GERO 592 Multidisciplinary Research Seminar in Aging (4 units)
  • GERO 593: Research Methods (4 units)

Career Opportunities for MAFMD Graduates

Foodservice management careers are available in:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Senior living communities
  • Corporate wellness