Master of Science in Lifespan, Nutrition and Dietetics

In the Master of Science in Lifespan, Nutrition and Dietetics online program, students will learn to provide excellent nutrition, dietetics and lifespan health-related services and expertise to a variety of constituencies, including for populations outside the United States, school districts or community-based organizations.

The Master of Science in Lifespan, Nutrition and Dietetics (MSLND) program at USC Leonard Davis has strong relationships with community health professionals and programs serving individuals across the lifespan, and recognizes the increasing global role that nutrition and dietetics play in health care, policy and public and private sectors.

The MSLND program can be completed online through distance education or in person and on a full-time or part-time basis. Four units of field practicum can be completed in foodservice, community or other areas of nutrition practice. Students will gain hands-on experience in the field and through research methods and exploration of evidence-based practices.

Successful completion of 38 units is required for graduation (28 units of didactic coursework, 4 units of field practicum and 6 units of research). The program provides students with coursework and field practicum to meet competencies for the national Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM®) Credentialing Exam.

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Curriculum (38 units):

  • GERO 488 – Food, Culture, Disease and Longevity in Italy and the Mediterranean (4 units) OR GERO 498 – Nutrition, Genes, Longevity and Disease (4 units)
  • GERO 511 – Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition Screening and Assessment (4 units)
  • GERO 512 – Communicating Nutrition and Health (2 units)
  • GERO 513 – Fundamentals of Nutrition: Macronutrients (2 units)
  • GERO 515 – Food Production and Foodservice Management (4 units)
  • GERO 517 – Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition (4 units)
  • GERO 560 – Fundamentals of Nutrition: Micronutrients (4 units)
  • GERO 590 – Directed Research (2 units)
  • GERO 591 – Field Practicum (4 units)
  • GERO 593 – Research Methods (4 units)
  • GERO 599 – Special Topics (4 units)

Career Opportunities for MSLND Graduates

  • Leadership in health and wellness roles
  • Nutrition program director
  • Dietetics services supervisor in health care facilities
  • School foodservice management director
  • Wellness and health promotion coaching