Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics and Operations

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics and Operations (available both online and on-campus) is a specialized program in precision marketing aimed at careers in the biopharmaceuticals, consulting and medical technology industries.

The program provides critical concepts supporting direct entry into careers in: health system management and operations, pharmacy management, managed care operations, pricing and competitive intelligence, services and program development where employers seek qualified individuals who also possess core business, global access and reimbursement knowledge.

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics and Operations (HAO) learning objectives include:

  • Integrate strategic leadership and business management skills to advance the performance of healthcare enterprises.
  • Apply healthcare subject matter expertise to navigate and solve dynamic industry challenges.
  • Build, evaluate and apply quantitative models and analysis to optimize healthcare business decisions and outcomes.
  • Contribute functional expertise on interdisciplinary teams creating solutions to complex problems.
  • Maintain high professional and ethical standards in the advancement and innovation of healthcare for all stakeholders.

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Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics and Operations Curriculum

Students are required to complete 12 total units to be eligible for the HAO Certificate. Students are required to complete HCDA 506 (3 units), HCDA 515 (3 units), and 572 (3 units) (unless otherwise approved by the HCDA director) as a core set of courses. The fourth course (3 units) may be an approved elective taken from within the HCDA program.

Career Opportunities for Healthcare Analytics and Operations

Students seeking this HAO Certificate will likely target careers in the following industry areas. They are, but not limited to:

  • Health Systems Pharmacy, Formulary Management, 340B Drug Management
  • Physician Group Pharmacy, Utilization management, Drug Budget
  • Group Purchasing Operations, Supply Chain
  • Managed Care, Formulary Management, Utilization Managing, Financial Management
  • Business Operations and Growth: Competitive Intelligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, In-Licensing, Contracting
  • Administrative, Business Services, Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Specialty Pharmacy, Regulatory and Government

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Earn the Healthcare Analytics and Operations Certificate on Your Schedule

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Analytics and Operations program offers an online learning option for working professionals who cannot regularly travel to a traditional classroom.

The online learning option provides students with the flexibility to pursue a graduate education while maintaining the same comprehensive curriculum, academic rigor and team collaboration emphasis as on-campus students.

Remote students will also receive access to:

  • Expert faculty and executive guest lecturers
  • Collaborative virtual activities and team assignments
  • Engaging lectures and class breakout discussions
  • On-campus residency to engage with peers, faculty, executive network, and alumni
  • Powerful virtual learning tools