5 Online Master’s Degrees for Teachers and Education Professionals Looking to Further Their Careers

Whether you’re looking to continue in the K-12 setting or land a new role outside of the classroom, we’ve rounded up the best online graduate programs to grow in your profession.

Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you stop being a student for good. After all, there is always something new to learn, an adage teachers know better than anyone.

If you’re looking to move up in your education career — whether that’s by experiencing a salary bump, expanding the subjects you can teach, advancing into higher education or even getting your foot in the door at a specific school or institution — obtaining a master’s degree is a logical next step.

But, it’s not always obvious which type of master’s degree you should pursue.

Of course, some can choose to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching, but even with the MAT degree, there are multiple concentrations to choose from. Others may want to eventually move on from teaching entirely to another role in the education world, which means figuring out a different degree altogether.

Luckily, at USC, there are plenty of program options for teachers and education professionals hoping to progress their careers — and best of all, many are online.

At the USC Rossier School of Education, prospective students can find multiple online programs to help them grow in their profession and expand their abilities. Below, we’ve rounded up just a few worth considering.

Master of Arts in Teaching online

Aimed at teachers who will be working with students from kindergarten through high school, the Master of Arts in Teaching online (MAT online) program is perfect for those with a strong desire to improve student outcomes within their community.

Full-time and part-time paths are available for those pursuing a MAT online, and students can take anywhere from one to three years to complete the program.

There are also two possible concentrations to choose from: a multiple-subject teaching concentration (so those working with students in grades K-6 are prepped to handle everything from English to mathematics) and a single-subject teaching concentration (which allows those working with middle and high schoolers to hone in on the subject of their choosing).

Some of the courses that students can expect to encounter in the program include “Integrated Language Development Across the Curriculum,” “Applying Knowledge and Strategies for Teaching All Students,” “Blended Learning Experiences for Students in Urban Schools” and more.

Fieldwork is also a crucial part of the MAT online, exposing students to the necessary, hands-on experience to become effective educators.

Master of Arts in Teaching – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages online

Interested in linguistics and international culture? Obtaining your Master of Arts in Teaching -Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages online (MAT-TESOL online) just may be the right path for you.

This program ensures teachers can practice both within the United States and abroad. Students will learn how to effectively teach English to those who speak other languages and develop the necessary creativity and critical thinking skills to close the opportunity gap around the world.

Various career options open up around the globe for those with the MAT-TESOL: Graduates have gone on to work internationally as English language teachers, private English tutors, college instructors, editors of English-language materials, curriculum developers and more.

A part-time and full-time track is available, and students take between one and three years to complete the program.

Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology online

One growing industry that teachers can consider joining is instructional design, which focuses on creating or redesigning learning experiences , developing entire curriculums and training materials.

In the Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology online (LDT online) program, students will not only be taught how to create face-to-face, technology-enabled and blended learning experiences, but they’ll also learn about the latest research in motivation and gain a greater understanding of learning environments as a whole.

Another exciting part of the program, which takes place entirely online with courses conducted live, is the practice-oriented capstone. Students will design their own learning product for a real-world setting to show off exactly what they’ve learned during their time in the program.

Students enroll in two to three courses per term, and the program is designed to be completed in 21 months.

Master of Education in School Counseling online

Another way to apply one’s love for the school system without getting in front of a classroom is to obtain a Master of Education in School Counseling online (SC online). Those who join the SC online program learn how to effectively support children’s social, emotional and academic needs in the K-12 setting.

In addition to weekly live online classes, students will also complete fieldwork in K-12 schools to sharpen their skills. Designed for working professionals, the program is entirely online, and there are both full-time and part-time options available for prospective students, who can complete their coursework between two and three years.

There are also three areas of focus for the courses: College and Career Readiness, which centers around how to support students on their way to success; Restorative Justice, which educates counselors on how to help students tackle both institutional obstacles, such as poverty and racism, as well as individual obstacles, including mental illness and domestic violence; and Trauma Informed Practice, which concentrates on addressing the physical and mental trauma children and adults may experience.

Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online

Of course, not all who are passionate about education take the path of teaching. Education requires many administrative roles as well. That’s where the Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online (EMP online) program comes in.

With the EMP online, students can work to become leaders in offices for admission, enrollment, financial aid, orientation, student retention and more.

The program — which can be completed in as soon as 21 months — focuses on developing strategies for admissions recruitment, identifying how rankings and organizational policies will affect admission, how to use financial aid and how to help new students adapt to school.

Courses are conducted live in a virtual environment during the later afternoon or evening, so those looking to balance their careers and their pursuit of higher education don’t have to press pause on their goals.

So, whether you’re looking to continue your educational career within the K-12 environment or are looking for a different role that supports students in their educational journey, USC Rossier has several online master’s degrees to fit your career goals.

Explore more of their online graduate programs today.

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