Master of Arts in Teaching — Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages online

The Master of Arts in Teaching – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages online (MAT-TESOL) combines engaging online learning with meaningful teaching experiences.

Students are prepared to teach English using rigorous and culturally responsive teaching strategies, and improve educational equity in their communities.

In this program, students will:

  • Earn a degree from a school with a strong reputation
  • Attend live online classes, complemented by dynamic coursework
  • Hone teaching skills through field experiences in or near their communities
  • Prepare to earn a teaching credential (if pursuing a credential)

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MAT–TESOL online Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to teach rigorously and think critically and innovatively to identify and close opportunity gaps for underserved students around the world.

Program Goals

Students are equipped with the skills and training to close opportunity gaps for underserved students around the world. Our program is shaped by three program goals:

Exceptional Teaching.
We develop critically ambitious language teachers who facilitate highly engaging learning experiences that are effective for all language learners.

Critical Inquiry.
We produce graduates who routinely employ multiple strategies to deepen their understanding of their learners, the teaching context and their own practice.

Transformative Advocacy.
We equip our teachers to be transformative intellectuals who work with others to correct injustice affecting languages, language education and language learners.

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World Languages Credential (California residents only)

USC Rossier offers a World Languages Credential for enhancing your MAT–TESOL online degree. Students who pursue the World Languages Credential add-on will complete an additional 4 units of coursework for a minimum of 28 units. Students who live domestically must reside in California in order to be eligible to pursue an ELD credential.

Student Experience

MAT–TESOL online students form meaningful relationships with classmates and a worldwide community of educators.

Credentialing Information

Regarding Program Completer Status

The USC Rossier MAT–TESOL program requires students to fulfill all California-based requirements that, after completion, would allow a student to apply for licensure. If a student is pursuing licensure outside of California, they are still expected to complete all program requirements. Doing so will grant the student program completer status following graduation, which will be necessary for their licensure application in their chosen state. Lacking an institution’s program completer status or recommendation will likely inhibit the process of obtaining licensure outside of the university’s home state.

While students must complete all requirements to receive program completer status, they are not required to apply for and obtain California licensure. In some states, applying with an out-of-state credential may expedite or delay the in-state licensing process. Students are encouraged to do their own due diligence and determine the appropriate application pathway and license type for themselves.

Regarding Internationally-Located Students

Internationally-located students wanting to pursue the MAT program must be in possession of a valid social security number, so that they may take any required entrance and licensure exams. Internationally-located students must also provide a domestic address that can be used to place them in an appropriate student teaching position; the program does not provide student teaching experiences outside of the US.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of the MAT–TESOL online program are prepared to fill a number of roles both inside and outside of the classroom, including:

  • International English Language Teacher
  • U.S. ESL Teacher
  • College- or University-level Language Instructor
  • Private English Tutor
  • English Language Program Administrator
  • Education Consultant for International Students
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Editor of English Language Materials
  • Online English Language Business Developer
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • PhD Student in Applied Linguistics, Bilingual Education, or related discipline

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