Master of Arts in Teaching

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

A master’s degree that prepares you to teach English to speakers of other languages.

The Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL program prepares teachers to meet the diverse needs of students all over the world. Delivered online, the program provides comprehensive TESOL training and innovative instruction to help teachers become English language teaching specialists. The program is designed for graduate students who aspire to provide greater opportunities for all students in a variety of educational settings.

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Coursework is divided into four broad categories that provide students with theoretical foundations, teaching strategies and the practical experiences necessary to make a difference in English language classrooms.

Category Purpose
Foundations Provide in-depth knowledge in linguistic, sociological and psychological theories and their application in the language classroom. Foundations classes also introduce students to the latest strategies for infusing technology into instruction.
Teaching Methods Lay the foundation for providing language instruction to linguistically and ethnically diverse students in urban schools around the world. Courses introduce students to planning, implementing, and assessing instruction across all content areas.
Language and Literacy Ground students in the theories of language and literacy for both primary and second language learners and the application of these concepts across a range of education settings both nationally and globally.
Field Experience and Capstone Portfolio Anchor learning in concrete field-based experiences throughout the entire program. Students observe and practice the applications of theories and instructional methods in the classroom of host teachers from the very first term. To demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program, students complete in their final two terms either the teaching practicum (beginning teachers) or a capstone project (experienced teachers).

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