COVID-19 & Societal Impacts

How Business, the Economy and Citizens Rebound from the Pandemic

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What will it take to come out of our economic downturn? How will government agencies build resilience and reduce consequences? What considerations are being evaluated in corporate boardrooms across the nation? And how can ordinary citizens play a role in leading the country back to prosperity? USC Dornsife alumni experts discuss our path forward as a nation in this video, moderated by Paulina Oliva, USC Dornsife associate professor of economics. Featuring Daniel Dodgen, senior advisor for Strategy, Policy, Planning and Requirements for the US Department of Health and Human Services; Marsha Ershaghi Hames, partner at Tapestry Networks and a leader in corporate governance practice; and Robert Kleinhenz, economist at Kleinhenz Economic and one of California’s leading economists.

Who Will Benefit

– Those seeking insights into how and when the U.S. economy will bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic
– Business professionals hoping to learn more about U.S. economic cycles and the labor market
– Those looking to discover what societal vulnerabilities and challenges COVID-19 has exposed in their communities

About Our Featured Faculty

Paulina Oliva is an associate professor of economics and spatial sciences at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. She specializes in the fields of environmental economics and development. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between air pollution and health and on environmental policy effectiveness in the developing world. Her work uses a variety of microeconometric techniques to study individual incentives and human impacts of air pollution. She earned her BA in economics at Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, México DF and her PhD in economics at the University of California, Berkeley.