Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing for Earth Observation

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

The USC online Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing for Earth Observation (RSEO) program focuses on the latest tools and methods to collect, manage and analyze spatial information. Data acquired from sources like aircraft, satellites and unmanned autonomous systems can be applied for a wide range of purposes, including monitoring environmental conditions, weather patterns and natural disasters.

Students in the certificate program complete 16 units of graduate coursework, learning how applying remote-sensing principles to gather relevant information that guides problem-solving and decisions. Course material includes using GIS to integrate findings from emerging sources like mobile devices and social media with data from airborne and space-based systems.

Remote Sensing Career Options

The RSEO program readies professionals to start or advance in careers working with remote sensing data. Graduates may also choose to go on to earn a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology or Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence.

Remote sensing professionals may find positions in a wide range of organizations that require their skills in capturing insights from spatial information. These capabilities can be particularly valuable in fields such as scientific research, humanitarian disaster response and national security.

Faculty Spotlight

John Wilson