MS in Geographic Information Science and Technology

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

The USC online M.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) program provides a core foundation in spatial thinking, while giving students the practical, hands-on experience to become adept spatial science practitioners across business, military and academic research.

USC’s M.S. in GIST program offers training in spatial thinking, geospatial research and geospatial intelligence with a focus on problem solving. This gives USC graduates a unique edge within their GIS careers; they not only know how to use the technology, they know how to solve complex, multidisciplinary challenges.

GIS Career Options

Individuals with master’s-level GIST education can pursue careers in public, military, private and nonprofit organizations. They make critical decisions, ranging from where to build new roads to planning response strategies for natural disasters and terrorist threats.

GIST professionals leverage a variety of tools, such as GPS, image analysis software and remote sensing technology. However, one of the most important traits of successful GIST decision makers and leaders is that they are adept problem solvers. They leverage spatial thinking to create actionable solutions, going beyond the technology to form answers to their organizations’ toughest challenges.

Faculty Spotlight

John Wilson