Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence

The USC online Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence provides the key knowledge and concepts for spatial thinking, with practical knowledge focused on how remotely sensed and other kinds of spatial data can be used to solve real-world GEOINT problems.

Geospatial intelligence plays a critical role in numerous fields. Military units leverage geospatial technology for managing large training areas and mission support. Emergency services use GEOINT for tasks ranging from identifying the most effective route to an incident to efficient resource distribution. Countless other government agencies and organizations leverage geospatial intelligence either as support or as a key part of daily operations.

The USC online Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT certificate) introduces the scientific concepts, analytical methods and key geospatial technologies used to address issues of human security worldwide.

In 16 graduate units, students can gain the knowledge and practical skills to inform effective decision making related to “TCPED”: the tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of human security risk geospatial data.

Earn your Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence online.

Career Options

  • This graduate certificate is for anyone interested in a GEOINT career who already is working in GEOINT fields, such as disaster response, environmental change, business or national security.
  • This certificate is especially relevant to individuals in military geospatial units, domestic and international humanitarian, government agencies, military contracting organizations, and disaster relief and response organizations.
  • Students who successfully complete the program are also well-equipped to pursue master’s degrees in geographic information science and technology, or in human security and geospatial intelligence.

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The Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence is accredited by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

The Office for the Director of National Intelligence has designated the University of Southern California as an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC CAE).