Master of Arts in Gerontology

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

The Master of Arts in Gerontology is designed to help professionals better understand the aging process and the older adults they serve.

Ideal for professionals in the field who wish to further their education, sharpen their skills and gain an invaluable edge, the Master of Arts in Gerontology (MAG) degree offers students an unparalleled opportunity to distinguish themselves. Rooted in the same rigorous intellectual base as the Master of Science degree, the program provides students with a formal education as well as an executive polish to complement their professional experience.

This program is geared toward busy professionals who already have experience in the field of aging, but were educated in other areas such as social work, public health, business, law or medicine. The MAG program will supplement their education so graduates can better accommodate the special needs of older adults.

Career Options

This program is ideal for individuals who already have obtained expertise in a field such as law, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy or other health related professions who find themselves working with an aging population and desire additional training in this area.

Course Schedules

GERO 508: The Mind and Body Connection Through the Lifespan
GERO 540: Social Policy and Aging
GERO 550: Administration and System Management
GERO 560: Complementary Medicine for Health and Longevity
GERO 585: The Aging Family

Instructional Services for Enrolled Students

Students may request additional support and mentoring from the faculty. Courses with an enrollment of over 25 students are assigned a teaching assistant who is available to students during designated office hours where students can call or email. Most TA’s are available by email on an unscheduled basis as well.

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Faculty Spotlight

Susan Enguidanos, Ph.D., MPH Kathleen Wilber, Ph.D.