Master of Arts in Gerontology

The Master of Arts in Gerontology online program is designed for working professionals in the aging industry who wish to earn a degree in their field.

The Master of Arts in Gerontology (MAG) provides an opportunity to acquire skills and formal training in gerontology. This program is offered in both residential and online formats.

Admission standards and prerequisites are the same as listed for the Master of Science in Gerontology with the exception that students in the online MA program are expected to have a significant amount of experience working in human services, health care, business or similar settings.

The program consists of 28 units of course work.

What To Expect In The MAG Program

  • Students will utilize gerontological frameworks to examine human development and aging.
  • Students will relate psychological theories and science to understand adaptation, stability, and change in aging.
  • Students will relate social theories and science of aging to understanding heterogeneity, inequality, and context of aging.
  • Students will develop comprehensive and meaningful concepts, definitions and measures for the well-being of older adults and their families, grounded in Humanities and Arts.
  • Students will promote older persons’ strengths and adaptations to maximize well-being, health, and mental status.
  • Students will promote quality of life and positive social environment for older persons.
  • Students will learn to employ and generate policy to equitably address the needs of older persons.

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