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Election Renaissance: Changes and Challenges to U.S. Voting

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Elections have transitioned from a biennial, one-night event to now a daily breaking news cycle that flashes across every media outlet in existence.

Conceivably, no profession is more challenging these days than that of an election official. The election industry has undergone unprecedented changes and challenges in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Each change brought a new set of complications leading to further restrictions with strict timeframes, often without additional resources.

In this discussion, Jesse A. Harris, deputy director for the Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division, discusses the evolution of the elections ecosystem and how local election officials continue to raise the bar for standards in the democratic process. Harris is introduced by Mindy Romero, professor at USC Price School of Public Policy and founder and director for the USC Center for Inclusive Democracy (CID).

Who Will Benefit

– Those interested in the challenges and changes facing today’s elections
– Election officials seeking deeper insights on how their industry is shifting
– Those questioning how 2020 shaped voting rights and election processes

About Our Featured Faculty

Mindy Romero is a professor at USC Price School of Public Policy and the founder and director of the USC Center for Inclusive Democracy (CID), which is part of USC Price and based in Sacramento, California. Romero is a political sociologist and holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on political behavior and race/ethnicity, and seeks to explain patterns of voting and political underrepresentation, particularly among youth and communities of color in California and the U.S. She is currently an adjunct fellow of the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) and a member of the California Secretary of State’s Taskforce on the Voter’s Choice Act. She is the former Chair of Mutual Housing California and former Vice-Chair of the Social Services Commission for the City of Davis.