Master of Public Administration

Sol Price School of Public Policy

The USC Master of Public Administration program is a unique and multidisciplinary environment within the Price School that integrates all the major disciplines bearing on management and leadership in the modern, interconnected socioeconomic and political environment. The program connects cutting-edge research to the practice of public policy and management, equipping students with the skills required for all the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing nature of public administration—sound management, analytical, and policy-making skills.

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Career Options

The MPA degree is directly relevant to administration of public services, particularly at various levels of Government. A professional with a MPA degree could work either in the public, private or non‐profit sector spanning a multitude of job functions such as city planning, resource management, and healthcare to name a few.

Sample Course Schedule

Year 1


PPD 540 (4),
PPD 545 (4)= 8 units
(and PPD 502x (2)- Statistics if applicable= 10 units total)


PPD 541 (4) or PPDE 645 (4)
PPD 501a (2), PPD 501b (2)= 8 units
(and PPD 543-Internship (1) if applicable= 9 units)


PPD 542 (4)
PPD 500 (2)
2 unit elective= 8 units

Year 2

8 units of electives= 8 units


PPD 546 (4)
4 unit elective = 8 units

Faculty Spotlight

Michael B. Nichol Glenn Melnick