Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology

The Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology is an online graduate degree program featuring a unique, integrative educational approach that teaches students to think critically at the intersection of three essential areas: design, technology, and business and venture management.

Using the principles of human-centered design as the basis for creative problem solving, the master’s degree program prepares the next generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop new perspectives and ways of working, learning and collaborating across diverse teams and communities.

The integrative curriculum teaches students to achieve fluency in the languages and methodologies of design, technology, business and communication. Students will also develop an understanding of how these disciplines work synergistically to spark potentially groundbreaking ideas and solutions across industries. Working in cross-disciplinary teams, students cover subjects that include:

With an innovator’s mindset and diverse skill set, Academy students are prepared to lead in a technology-driven global marketplace and deliver innovative solutions to today’s problems.

MS IDBT at a Glance

This cross-disciplinary program is designed for individuals looking to join innovative organizations or take their own entrepreneurial ideas to the next level. The integrative program prepares students to become leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and creative problem-solvers who can work across diverse areas, quickly adapt to change, and drive innovation in their fields.




Months to complete


In-person residential experiences

Admissions Requirements

The applicant’s academic background, professional experience and personal motivation are all considered for admission into this master’s degree program. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA from an accredited university.

No GRE/GMAT Required


The integrative curriculum is designed by expert faculty from the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. Coursework will prepare students to become agile thinkers who can identify and analyze opportunities; envision, propose and implement solutions; and adapt to change and uncertainty.


Classes are taught by USC faculty in a collaborative, engaging online setting. All class sessions are live and provide opportunities to work through problems and share ideas with classmates and professors.

Sample courses:

Processes and Perspectives

Gain fluency in the approaches and methodologies in design, business and technology-based disciplines, with emphasis on critical analysis and problem-solving tools and techniques.

Opportunity and Uncertainty

Develop the ability to analyze and vet opportunities as they arise in workplace and studio or creative contexts, and acquire the information central to discerning desirability, feasibility and viability of proposed projects, products, systems, services and/or experiences.

Narrative and Storytelling

Learn how to build and communicate ideas, concepts and solutions using universal storytelling techniques.

Finance for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to make something out of nothing: the financial strategy of converting an idea into a venture with consideration to the market environment. Study financing strategies to model and scale the venture as well as later-stage financing, exit design and advanced modeling.

Residency Experiences

Students are required to participate in two (2) in-person residentials — Integrative Practices and Professional Practices. The residentials are five-day experiences in which students work through real-world, complex problems in cross-disciplinary teams. The residentials are valuable opportunities to collaborate with classmates, professors and industry experts to explore new concepts, develop projects and services, and build lasting professional connections.

Capstone Project

A culminating project with individual and team components, the capstone requires students to initiate and develop a creative idea or solution and deploy a relevant subset of tools, methods and processes learned in the program

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Careers in Integrated Design, Business and Technology

The Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology program teaches high-demand skills essential to employment in every field and at companies of every size. Students graduate with demonstrated fluency in design, business, technology and communication — disciplines that are increasingly linked in the worlds of commerce, culture and art.

Companies are seeking employees with diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary skills. This one-of-a-kind degree program equips students with broad theoretical knowledge and deep practical skills, making them uniquely prepared to lead in today’s fast-paced global marketplace.

This program prepares students to both manage and work in cross-disciplinary teams. Classes are composed of peers from diverse professional backgrounds such as:

Business: Digital marketing, brand marketing, social media management, entrepreneurship, executive leadership, project management, product marketing and business analytics

Design: Creative art direction, graphic design, advertising, UX/UI design, game design and industrial or product design

Technology: Web development, software engineering, mechanical and civil engineering, sound engineering, systems engineering, user interface development and AR/VR technologies

Student Experience

Education extends beyond the virtual classroom at the Academy. From industry guest speakers to international study tours and professional residentials, the Academy offers unconventional learning opportunities for students to meet industry thought leaders and explore places where innovation is happening.

The Academy’s cohort model, which includes students whose backgrounds and professions represent a diversity of culture, perspective and purpose, creates a rich environment for collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and rewarding professional relationships.

Graduate students can also participate in the annual Iovine and Young Prize competition, which awards a student or student team prizes for the design of a breakthrough business, product, service or system.

In addition to scholarships and financial assistance, Academy graduate students can apply for Graduate Mentor Awards, which include pay and tuition support. Graduate Mentors provide support to faculty teaching either undergraduate or graduate classes.

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