Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs

In the Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs online (PASA online) program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of higher education administration and student affairs through courses on student development, diversity, legal matters and more.

The program is customized with three focus courses to match your interests and career aspirations. The PASA program equips you for versatile career trajectories in higher education. 

PASA students excel as well-rounded administrators, ready to assume vital roles in higher education. Students are also encouraged to explore diverse pathways, including research and advanced studies like a PhD or EdD. 

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Career Possibilities

PASA program graduates excel in diverse roles across the higher education landscape, assuming a range of titles: 

  • Academic Advisor
  • Director of Academic Advising Program
  • Vice President of Student Life 
  • Assistant Director of Academic Support
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Director of Upward Bound
  • Student Services Advisor
  • Graduate Program Coordinator 
  • Student Judicial Affairs Hearing Officer 
  • Manager of Alumni Programs 
  • Residential Support Services Coordinator
  • Resident Director 
  • Assistant Director for Student & Alumni Engagement and Career Development 
  • Senior Instructor 
  • Senior Student Engagement Programs Advisor 
  • Academic Program Administrator
  • Program Director 
  • Data Student Information Manager 
  • Career Guidance Counselor 
  • Sports Medicine Program Director

Online Learning Experience

Experience real-time virtual classrooms from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you choose). Learn from renowned faculty, experts in their field, who are dedicated to enhancing your student experience. 

PASA Online Program Curriculum

The curriculum features core and focus courses, along with a capstone project, to develop well-rounded skills and expertise as a scholar-practitioner. 

Upon completing the PASA program, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of student affairs work, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical application. This will be achieved through six core courses, supplemented by three focused courses covering a wide array of topics. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to apply research and learning from other program components to tackle a problem of practice in your capstone course.

Program Capstone

Strengthen your research skills and influence through evidence-based arguments. Choose an existing problem in student affairs and complete the project with peer-reviewed feedback. Showcase your work and findings with a presentation at a research symposium. 

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