Graduate Certificate in Patient and Product Safety

The Graduate Certificate in Patient and Product Safety (a blended program that allows online participation) prepares risk managers and pharmacovigilance experts for careers safeguarding against health care produce problems.

Medical products are among the most highly regulated commodities on the market today, as many can pose large potential risks to human health. Management of risk is a central part of quality assurance programs that are designed to ensure that products are safe and effective.

Recent regulations in most developed countries insist on risk assessment and plans for risk management as a central requirement prior to approval of clinical trials or product commercialization. It is important to understand the regulatory expectations to mitigate risk and the best-practices used to meet these expectations. 

Some of these practical approaches anticipate problems before they happen, at the level of manufacturing, packaging and labeling. Other approaches include corrective and preventive actions that are stimulated by field observations, complaints and other forms of pharmacovigilance.

The Graduate Certificate in Patient and Product Safety program is designed to produce graduates who have a particular expertise in the evaluation and mitigation of medical errors and health care product problems. 

Our accredited graduate certificates develop specialists for high-demand areas within the broader field of regulatory and quality science. Programs are structured so working professionals can take one or two courses per term. Each certificate can stand alone, or you have the option to build upon your coursework and apply it later toward a master’s degree or our doctoral program.

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Graduate Certificate in Patient and Product Safety Curriculum

The USC Graduate Certificate in Patient and Product Safety requires satisfactory completion of 12 units beyond the baccalaureate degree.

Typically, courses offered by the Department of Regulatory and Quality Science can be taken either in-person or online (within the United States). Upon admission, a course plan will be developed to fit your needs.

Career Opportunities for Patient and Product Safety Graduates

The FDA offers employment in more than 30 distinct disciplines, and opportunities within the industry can be even more varied. The following are but a few of the broad range of job categories within regulatory and quality sciences:

  • Business development/corporate strategy
  • Government affairs and policy
  • Research and development
  • Clinical trials management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Good manufacturing processes
  • Quality system regulation
  • Domestic and international compliance
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Drug safety
  • Marketing
  • Medical writing
  • Post-marketing surveillance
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Reimbursement

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Designed for Working Professionals

All courses offered by the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences can be taken online or in-person. Created for working professionals who wish to further their education but cannot travel to traditional classrooms, online students participate in the same classes as students who attend onsite. Lectures can be viewed in real time or at another time.