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Climate Justice and Environmental Mobilization During COVID-19

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Climate change affects everyone across the globe, and there are politics of protecting our planet. In this seminar, Shannon Gibson, a USC Dornsife associate professor, discusses climate mitigation progress five years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, a climate justice take on the treaty and COVID-19’s impact on global climate negotiations and environmental mobilization. Featuring Katie Chvostal, development officer at the Friends of the Wrigley Institute and manager of the George and MaryLou Boone Center; Ann Close, associate director and director of education at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies; and Joe Árvai, director of the Wrigley Institute.

Who Will Benefit

– Those looking to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected global climate change negotiations
– Researchers and scientists who want to dig deeper into the climate mitigation progress following the Paris Agreement
– Those hoping to identify the three major issues of environmental justice discourse

About Our Featured Faculty

Shannon Gibson is an associate professor (teaching) of international relations and environmental studies at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Her research focuses on the role of civil and “uncivil” society participation in transnational politics. As part of her dissertation, “Dynamics of Radicalization: The Rise of Radical Environmentalism against Climate Change,” she conducted field and participant observation research at a variety of international summits, including the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Cancun and Paris in order to assess the impact of environmental social movements and activist networks. She received her PhD in international studies from the University of Miami.