Graduate Certificate in Astronautical Engineering

The Graduate Certificate in Astronautical Engineering program (available both on-campus and online via DEN@Viterbi) is designed for practicing engineers and scientists who are entering space-related fields and/or who want to obtain additional training in specific space-related areas.

Students who begin the graduate certificate program as Limited Status students must formally apply and be admitted to the program prior to enrolling in their third three-unit course. A special graduate certificate is issued upon completion of the coursework.

Credit for the Graduate Certificate in Astronautical Engineering program may be applied toward the MS or PhD program in Astronautical Engineering should the student decide later to pursue and be formally admitted into the degree program.

In order to be admitted to the MS program, the student should maintain a B average or higher in courses for the certificate and must satisfy all normal admission requirements. All courses for the graduate certificate must be taken at USC.

Our students have a wide variety of backgrounds: from the traditional astronautical, aerospace, mechanical, electrical and other engineering disciplines; to physics, astronomy and other areas of science; and even medical doctors.

Students in the program also include active duty military personnel and those planning to apply for astronaut training.

Related Programs

The Department of Astronautical Engineering also offers the below related program:

  • MS in Astronautical Engineering

For a complete list of graduate programs offered online in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, please visit the DEN@Viterbi Program Offerings.

Career Opportunities

A variety of career opportunities exist, but primarily in the areas of:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Space Missions
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and Distribution Facilities
  • Consulting Firms
  • Spacecraft Operations
  • Technicians
  • Technical Operations and Communications
  • Architectural Designers
  • Quality Control Inspection

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