Graduate Certificate in Astronautical Engineering

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

The graduate certificate in Astronautical Engineering is designed for practicing engineers and scientists who are entering space-related fields and/or who want to obtain additional training in specific space-related areas.

Space is increasingly important for our economy and national security as well as exploration. The United States depends on space assets more than any other nation on earth, and we lead the world in exploration and utilization of space. Space engineers design and build rockets and space launchers, communications and direct broadcasting satellites, space navigational systems, remote sensing satellites, manned space vehicles, and planetary probes. They operate complex earth-orbiting space systems and rovers on Mars from sophisticated ground control centers. There is no better academic major than Astronautical Engineering in which to obtain the education and to acquire the skills needed for space engineers.

Focused, intellectually fit, and blending the science and engineering fundamentals with specialized astronautics knowledge, Astronautical Engineering graduates are well prepared to join the space industry and government space research and development centers.

Career Options

A variety of career opportunities exist, but primarily in the areas of: Aerospace & Defense, Space Missions, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Distribution Facilities, Consulting Firms, Spacecraft Operations, Technicians, Technical Operations & Communications, Architectural Designers, Quality Control Inspection.

Courses of Interest – Across all Astronautical Engineering graduate degree programs*

ASTE 520 | Spacecraft System Design
ASTE 523 | Design of Low Cost Space Missions
ASTE 527 | Space Studio Architecting
ASTE 535 | Spacecraft Environments and Spacecraft Interaction
ASTE 552 | Spacecraft Thermal Control
ASTE 553 | Systems for Remote Sensing from Space
ASTE 554 | Spacecraft Sensors
ASTE 556 | Spacecraft Structural Dynamics
ASTE 557 | Spacecraft Structural Strength and Materials
ASTE 570 | Liquid Rocket Propulsion
ASTE 572 | Advanced Spacecraft Propulsion
ASTE 580 | Orbital Mechanics I
ASTE 583 | Space Navigation: Principles and Practice
ASTE 584 | Spacecraft Power Systems
ASTE 585 | Spacecraft Attitude Control
ASTE 586 | Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics

*Click here for a complete list of program requirements.

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Faculty Spotlight

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