Doctor of Regulatory Science

The first of its kind in the world, the professional Doctor of Regulatory Science (DRSc) program (a blended program that allows online participation) cultivates research, leadership and inquiry skills in advanced students who want to operate at the pinnacle of the field globally.

Through the program, students will gain experience in strategic management, policy development, research assessment and preparation to work in senior positions in the public sector, academia and life sciences industry.

Instead of a traditional doctor of philosophy, the DRSc gives graduates the potential and background for careers in government and industry settings as well as the more traditional PhD trajectory of scholarly and academic roles. 

During the program, students will take independent courses that extend from a strong core of basic regulatory science coursework with a focus on three main areas: global product strategy, product lifestyle strategy, and project and human resources management.

The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who are already working full-time outside of the university in positions in which they have substantial leadership or managerial responsibilities. A typical student in the program has somewhere between 10 and 15 years of experience in the regulated product industry with several years of experience managing or directing regulatory or quality departments.

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Doctor of Regulatory Science Curriculum

The USC Doctorate of Regulatory Science degree requires satisfactory completion of 64 units beyond the baccalaureate degree, four of which are devoted to the writing of a thesis. Students with a master’s degree may receive partial credit for coursework taken for a previous graduate degree.

All students in the program are required to participate in experiential learning that would involve limited onsite activities and international travel.

Typically, courses offered by the Department of Regulatory and Quality Science can be taken either in-person or online (within the United States). Upon admission, a course plan will be developed to fit your needs.

Career Opportunities for Regulatory Science Graduates

The FDA offers employment in more than 30 distinct disciplines, and opportunities within the industry can be even more varied. The following are but a few of the broad range of job categories within regulatory and quality sciences:

  • Business development/corporate strategy
  • Government affairs and policy
  • Research and development
  • Clinical trials management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Good manufacturing processes
  • Quality system regulation
  • Domestic and international compliance
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Drug safety
  • Marketing
  • Medical writing
  • Post-marketing surveillance
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Reimbursement

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Designed for Working Professionals

All courses offered by the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences can be taken online or in-person. Created for working professionals who wish to further their education but cannot travel to traditional classrooms, online students participate in the same classes as students who attend onsite. Lectures can be viewed in real time or at another time.