Certificate in Pain Science

The online Certificate in Pain Science is geared toward non-clinicians who want to increase their knowledge in order to advance in the field of pain management.

The program is suitable for non-clinicians from a wide variety of fields, including psychology, business, public policy, law, social or natural sciences and more.

The Certificate in Pain Science is an online program with a total 8 courses (12 academic units), specifically designed for non-clinicians who want to increase their knowledge in order to advance the science and the field of pain management.

The curriculum is designed with a series of didactic courses in which students will gain knowledge about pain conditions, from different perspectives, including definition, classification, social and psychological impact, policies and general approaches.

The students participate in weekly live online sessions with faculty and other program students, ensuring a collaborative and social learning experience. The program is designed to be completed in a year (fall and spring), and it includes streaming video lectures and weekly live sessions.

Career Options

Graduates can find careers in the below fields:


Faculty positions in public and community health academic programs


Specialized knowledge to provide the depth needed to promote and address the health crises and health care challenges of chronic pain


Administrative and supporting roles, including patient education and health promotion

Positions available in schools and universities, private practice, non-profit organizations, medical centers, community health centers as well as local and state departments


Research being conducted related to pain science at health institutes, local and national public health departments and private companies


Workplace advancement opportunities in federal, state, local, private, non-profit and non-governmental organizations


Private companies and governmental organizations seek those with knowledge on emerging importance for health in all communities

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