Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Marketing

The Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Marketing (available both online and on-campus) is a specialized program in precision marketing aimed at careers in the biopharmaceuticals, consulting and medical technology industries.

The program’s targeted approach offers career-accelerating tactics and insights critical for increasing the speed and quality of marketing decisions for biopharmaceutical product managers, health care industry analysts and consultants.

Graduates will learn and use the practical tools, skills and methods to embrace the next wave of health care innovation to drive markets while improving health outcomes and product value. Students will be provided with intensive and targeted instruction as well as innovative tools and skills to advance their career in the health care industry.

All Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Marketing (BPMK) courses emphasize project-based learning allowing active exploration of current health care business challenges and deeper proficiency in precision marketing.

Lectures from leading industry executives offered across all program courses provide unique access to critical insights from experts in their respective fields.

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Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Marketing Curriculum

Students are required to complete 12 total units to be eligible for the BPMK Certificate. Students are recommended to complete three courses: BPMK 500 (3 units), BPMK 501 (3 unit) and 502 (3 unit) as a core set of courses. Eligible students may select from any of the alternative courses to complete their 3 elective unit requirements. It is expected that most students should be able to complete the BPMK Certificate program requirements in 12 to 15 months.

Career Opportunities for Biopharmaceutical Marketing Graduates

Students seeking this BPMK Certificate will likely target careers in the following industry areas. They are, but not limited to:

  • Product Management: Product Development and Commercialization, Product Strategy, Brand Management, Life Cycle Management, Global Product Leads
  • Market Access and Reimbursement: Payer Strategy, Government Reimbursement Strategy, Value Access Strategy, Account, Rebates and Contracting
  • Marketing and Sales: Product Advertising, Marketing Communications, Digital Advertising, Account Management, Field Sales.
  • Business Operations and Growth: Competitive Intelligence, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, In-Licensing, Contracting
  • Administrative, Business Services, Executive Leadership: Entrepreneurship, Pharma/Biotech, GPO, Specialty Pharmacy, PBM, Regulatory and Government

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Learn on a Flexible Schedule

The Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Marketing program offers an online learning option for eligible working professionals who cannot regularly travel to a traditional classroom. 

The online learning option provides students with the flexibility to pursue a graduate education while maintaining the same comprehensive curriculum, academic rigor and team collaboration emphasis as on-campus students.

Remote students will also receive access to:

  • Expert faculty and executive guest lecturers
  • Collaborative virtual activities and team assignments
  • Engaging lectures and class breakout discussions
  • On-campus residency to engage with peers, faculty, executive network, and alumni
  • Powerful virtual learning tools