Master of Business Taxation

USC Leventhal School of Accounting

The Master of Business Taxation is designed for working professionals in public accounting, private industry, and governmental and regulatory agencies, who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their graduate studies.

This 30-unit degree consists of ten, three-unit courses. Students complete five required courses, then choose five additional tax electives. Faculty and students meet regularly via live video discussion forums, where they examine course concepts, review assignments, and exchange ideas about current events in business taxation. Core course content—including mini-lectures, guest experts, case studies, and interactive exercises—is available in the Virtual Classroom, which students can access at any time, and complete at their own pace each week. Faculty office hours and peer group breakout sessions take place via video web chat.

Sample Coursework 

Required MBT Core Courses (15 units)
ACCT 550T Tax Research and Professional Responsibilities
ACCT 560T Tax Theory and Ethics
ACCT 551T Taxation of Partnerships and S-Corps
ACCT 561T Income Tax of Corporations and their Shareholders
GSBA 523T Communication for Acct and Tax Professionals

Electives (Choose 15 units)
ACCT 580T Tax Accounting Methods
ACCT 570T State and Local Tax Concepts
ACCT 583 Income Tax Accounting and Auditing
ACCT 569T Advanced Partnership Taxation
ACCT 578T Advanced Corporate Taxation
ACCT 567T Taxation of Transactions in Property
ACCT 563T Federal Estate and Gift Taxes
ACCT 571T Taxation of Individuals

Each class meets once weekly via the internet for approximately 60-90 minutes. Each student also completes approximately two hours of asynchronous class time per week at his or her convenience. Students should also anticipate additional study and homework hours depending on weekly assignments.

Faculty Spotlight

Patricia Mills Jopseph Keller