USC Rossier Speedometry at SXSWedu 2016

USC Rossier School of Education professor Fred Freking and PhD student Tyron Young will be speaking at the SXSWedu Conference (March 7-11, 2016) this week in Austin, TX. The panel, titled Speedometry: Teaching Physics Through Play, is a hands-on workshop for teachers and school professionals that focuses on using hands-on, inquiry-based instruction in science education.

Panel Information

* Tuesday, March 8
* 1:30PM – 3:30PM
* Hilton Austin Downtown Room 412
* Panel hashtag: #STEMplay
* If you’re unable to attend, follow coverage of Freking & Young’s panel on @USCTeacher and @USCRossier

About Speedometry™

USC Rossier School of Education and Mattel Children’s Foundation have developed Speedometry™, a fun and engaging way to learn about concepts such as energy, force and motion. It’s a 2-unit, standards-based curriculum designed to engage fourth grade students in learning STEM content using Hot Wheels cars and track. The content is aligned to the Common Core Standards in Science and Mathematics, the Next Generation Science Stan­dards and California State Education Standards in STEM. Teachers can download the curriculum for free by visiting:

Learn more about USC Rossier and Mattel’s Speedometry program

About SXSWedu

SXSWedu is an annual, four-day long education conference in Austin, TX that connects members of the education community through professional development seminars, workshops, and hands-on learning sessions. The conference’s submission and voting process is done through their PanelPicker, a crowd-sourced voting platform that allows anyone – teachers, educators, members of the community – to have a say in each year’s SXSWedu topics and presentations.

We are honored by the opportunity to present at next year’s conference. We attended 2015’s SXSWedu and left with such a valuable, memorable and knowledgeable experience of the teaching and educator communities. Want to learn more about our time at SXSWedu? See our 2015 coverage below: