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Marc Benioff on Sustainability and Growing Business in the Digital World

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The dynamic field of business continues to transition as technology grows, with top executives shifting their focus to artificial intelligence, blockchain databases and digital well-being. A new set of standards has also been set for organizational ethics and sustainability practices, resulting in business schools updating their curriculum to address multiple challenges, including eco-friendly business decisions, post-pandemic burnout and employee wellness.

In this seminar, Geoff Garrett, dean of USC Marshall School of Business and Robert R. Dockson Dean’s Chair, and Marc Benioff, USC alumnus and Salesforce CEO and co-founder, discuss sustainability at Salesforce, the role of private sectors in carbon emissions, organizational gender equality and harassment and the future of work following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Will Benefit

– Students looking to uncover the current challenges faced by top business executives
– Those wanting to understand how businesses have shifted their focus from shareholders to stakeholders
– Young entrepreneurs seeking advice on running a business in the digital world

About Our Featured Faculty

Geoff Garrett is the Dean of USC Marshall School of Business. He holds the Robert R. Dockson Dean’s Chair in Business Administration and is professor of management and organization. He previously served as dean of the Wharton School from 2014 until 2020. Garrett taught at USC from 2005-2008 as a professor of international relations, business administration, communications and law while also serving as the president of the Pacific Council on International Policy. A distinguished international political economist, Garrett has held academic appointments at Oxford, Stanford and Yale universities. Garrett holds a BA (Honors) from the Australian National University, and an MA and PhD from Duke University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar.