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How Technology Impacts Diversity and Inclusion: A Look Into Fintech

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The rampant use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has revolutionized how companies do business, specifically in the financial sector. Today, financial technology — better known as fintech — is transforming existing markets and even creating new ones.

In celebration of Black History Month, experts discuss the role of technology in the lives of people of color, how technology opens and impacts access to credit and housing, how digital innovation battles the appraiser bias and how access to affordable credit products is actually a civil rights issue.

The seminar features Kimberly Johnson, executive vice president and COO of Fannie Mae; Carmelle Cadet, founder and CEO of EMTECH; Dante Disparte, CSO and head of global policy at Circle; Theodore “Teddy” Flo, CLO of Zest AI. The panel is moderated by D. Daniel Sokol, professor at USC Gould School of Law and USC Marshall School of Business, and Christopher Brummer, professor of law at Georgetown and founder of DC Fintech Week.

Who Will Benefit

– Those looking to understand the role that fintech can play for financial inclusion for underserved communities
– Technology enthusiasts hoping to uncover how data can help in closing the gap in race and credit
– Those seeking deeper insights on the future of fintech

About Our Featured Faculty

D. Daniel Sokol is a professor of law and business at USC Gould School of Law. He focuses his teaching on complex business issues from early-stage startups to large, multinational businesses and the issues that businesses face: antitrust, data breaches, corporate governance, compliance, innovation, M&A, collusion, technological transformation and global business regulation. He is a member of the American Law Institute. He also serves as academic advisor to the United States Chamber of Commerce and as a non-governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network. His work has appeared in a variety of journals: Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Law and Economics, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Michigan Law Review and Northwestern Law Review, among others. Prior to joining USC, Sokol taught at the University of Florida.  He also has taught, among other institutions, at the Catholic University of Chile, University of Melbourne, University of Haifa, University of Tokyo and Northwestern University.