What Are the Most In-Demand Jobs for 2023? Take a Look at These Fast-Growing Industries

If you’re considering a pivot to a new industry or career entirely, keep these in-demand jobs in mind.

The latest employment headlines in the United States have depicted an ominous economic outlook, as companies spanning several industries — including Apple, Amazon, Disney, General Motors and more — have undergone layoffs.

And while there’s no denying many places have tightened their budgets and reduced staffing, the job market continues to thrive. In fact, the U.S. is currently experiencing its lowest unemployment rate in 53 years, and there is a surge in job creation, reported CNBC.

Of course, not all jobs are created equal. Some fields are certainly experiencing a dwindling expansion, and that’s why we’re taking a look at the fastest-growing jobs in 2023 that can offer stability in a volatile time.

These in-demand jobs are especially good to keep in mind if you’re considering returning to school to change your career path or pivot to a new industry. Below, we’ve compiled the top-growing careers and industries, including which degrees you can pursue to land your next role.

Content Designer

Any product needs to be marketed, and that usually begins with a website or an app. That’s where a content designer comes in: They create visual content that effectively describes a product or service and markets it to the right audiences. This is the perfect job for creative people with a background in graphic design and a passion for communication.

The online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology (MSIDBT) program is a great way to get started on the path to becoming a content designer. Not only does it teach the many design essentials you need to thrive when creating content, but it also places an emphasis on marketing and communication skills. Graduates will be well-set to tackle any content design project.

Nurse Practitioner

We’ve recently experienced a global pandemic, and one of its major takeaways was the importance of nursing professionals. While it seems we’ve been through the worst with COVID-19, the reality is that people will always need medical care — so nurses will continue to be necessary. It’s hard to imagine better job security than that, and it’s also a field where you can truly make a positive impact on your community.

Nursing is not a field, however, that you can just jump into. It takes a lot of school and training to accurately treat patients. With the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, registered nurses (RNs) will be equipped with the skills they need to provide comprehensive care to individuals and communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

It’s of the utmost importance that people of all backgrounds feel like their company is fostering an inclusive and welcoming work environment. To ensure that happens, a diversity and inclusion manager is often hired to advise management and staff on DEI practices.

Their role is to review and implement diversity guidelines and train hiring managers on how to select, retain and evaluate diverse candidates and employees. It’s an ideal position for those who are skilled at educating others and providing strategic leadership goals and processes.

To get started, consider the online Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program. A background in human resources is key for any diversity and inclusion manager role, and it’ll teach you the skills needed to be an effective manager for other HR staff. You’ll also gain more knowledge about how exactly you can build a better, more inclusive workplace.

Director of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that involves a cross of different subjects: computer science, math, physics and biology. Those in the field use computer tools like software or algorithms to better interpret biological data. Bioinformatics is used to conduct important research like the Human Genome Project, which can give us the information we need to treat or even cure diseases.

Clearly, it’s a career that could have an incredibly far-reaching impact, and the job opportunities associated with it will only keep growing. You can get your start with the online Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program, which trains graduates on the ins and outs of medical technology.

Deal Manager

Business professionals don’t always anticipate the complexities and nuances of making deals and successful business arrangements. That’s why a deal manager can be an influential company asset: They’re a finance whisperer and can handle negotiations with clients and suppliers alike.

To become an effective deal manager, a strong background in finance is usually necessary. A good way to gain that knowledge is through a master’s degree, like the Master of Business Administration (MBA), as it teaches students how to navigate negotiations and help businesses thrive in a data-driven world.

Custom Marketing Manager

A custom marketing manager, which can also be known as a CRM manager, plays a crucial role in marketing to a company’s target audience and retaining customers. That means they oversee various marketing techniques like events, email blasts, ad campaigns and more for a business.

Marketing is a growing field, with new inventive methods to reach audiences popping up every day. The online MBA program is again a good option here, as it can provide graduates with crucial marketing know-how and the ability to create effective, practical solutions.

Sustainability Analyst

Gen Z and millennial consumers have indicated sustainability is more important to them than brand names while shopping, according to NASDAQ. Climate change is a growing concern, and people will often prioritize supporting eco-friendly businesses and engaging in ethical consumption.

Naturally, sustainability is a burgeoning job market. A sustainability analyst is employed by a company to run corporate social responsibility programs and ensure the workplace is prioritizing this value with its efforts.

One way those who are interested in sustainability can expand their employability in the field is by pursuing a Master of Science in Green Technologies online. Students learn about alternative energy sources as well as energy efficiency and carbon waste management.

Hospitality Manager

The field of hospitality and tourism was deeply impacted by COVID-19, as people were keen to avoid travel or restaurants during the pandemic. But as the public health tides have turned, consumers have found themselves itching to make up for last time and indulge in an international vacation or a dining experience.

As a result, hospitality and tourism is one of the fastest-growing fields in 2023. It’s a great area to enter if you enjoy working with people and creating memorable experiences.

If this kind of role intrigues you, consider looking into the online Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism (MSHT) program. Students tackle service quality management, marketing, revenue management, human resource management, events and tourism development, and more.

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