USC Annenberg MCM Program Takes Careers to New Heights

For a wide variety of professionals, the online Master of Communication Management can be a catalyst for career development. This immersive online communication degree is designed for students at various professional levels across many communication-related disciplines, including corporate and strategic communication, marketing communication, and public relations. Whether you’re a communication veteran, pioneer or coach, the online Master of Communication Management can provide dynamic, career-enhancing skills to help you thrive in the modern communication landscape.

If life is defined by the length of our resumes, then Alexis Santoro is miles ahead of her peers. She has worked for major social media and public relations companies, owned her own business and handled the accounts for major tech companies. But despite her accomplishments, Alexis desired to elevate her career even more, so she applied to the USC Master of Communication Management online program. “I felt like I had been exposed to everything in marketing and communications on the agency, internal, direct-to-consumer, digital, social and traditional levels,” Alexis said. “I was ready to take it one step further and learn the analysis behind the application so that I could climb even higher.”

Alexis wanted to earn an advanced master’s in communication management degree without interrupting her career. She evaluated a list of schools and was impressed by USC Annenberg’s expertise. “I know the prestige of USC,” Alexis said. “And when I looked at the curriculum and compared it to a checklist of my needs for career growth, the program met all of my requirements. It was the perfect hybrid of the management and communication courses that I thought would actually propel
me in my career.”

Alexis felt empowered by USC Annenberg’s world-class faculty of communication experts, many of whom became her mentors. “The professors truly care and do a really good job of reaching out and always o ering themselves up for you and lending their insight,” she said. The MCM online coursework also challenged Alexis to be a better professional and communicator. She often drew from the unique experiences of her online classmates for direction. “The program forces you to digitally organize yourself and to collaborate with so many other people,” she said. “And the fact that we’ve gone through this really unique experience has made us very close.”

Alexis said she benefited from the MCM program’s real-world projects, such as presenting a corporate communications plan to a boardroom of executives.
“It was really enjoyable to do hands-on work and then be able to present, as well as knowing real organizations are following our plans and recommendations,” she said. Alexis, who graduates in spring of 2016, said her online master of communication management degree has opened unexpected doors. “With USC Annenberg on my resume, I started getting calls left and right from employers,” she said. “Nike even contacted me with an o er for a marketing communications director position. Now I’m at the company headquarters in Portland and directing a massive global program.”

At Nike, Alexis considers her online MCM a “secret weapon” that helps her excel at the director level. Her knowledge of budget reporting — learned in her master’s of communication management courses— is a skill that Alexis said “separates you from the rest of the crowd” in marketing. “I face huge challenges every day, but I know that I have the training and resources from my di erent classes to help me reach my goals,” she said. “Because of my education, I am able to execute successfully with a diverse, global and high- powered group of people.”