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A Snapshot of USC Iovine and Young Academy’s First Online Graduate Class


The first class for USC’s online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology began courses in August 2017 — and USC was proud to welcome students from all over the nation. Sixteen women and thirteen men logged on from places like California, Colorado, Connecticut and Texas to expand their expertise and move their careers forward.

“Having a full-time job limits my ability to be on campus,” says Nour Alkayali, a member of the August class. “But, fortunately, this online program will allow me to keep my job, and complete my master’s degree in the meantime.”

The class is also taking advantage of the program’s varied focus areas. Students are spread equally across the program’s technology, design and business disciplines, each looking to develop the cross-functional skills to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

“It wasn’t until I found this multi-disciplinary degree program that I realized I could examine the interplay between design, business and technology that a traditional MBA would not address,” says Lauren Grace Gonzalez, who is pursuing the program’s technology discipline.

Nicole Anderson, who studies design, agrees. “Combining these disciplines with business is the key to success in innovation today.”

Whether they’re entrepreneurs, programmers or graphic designers, all of the Academy’s online graduate students recognize the importance of versatility in today’s job market. Whether it’s applying principles of design to supply-chain functions, learning to communicate like a leader when explaining complex technical concepts, or simply enhancing your ability to think outside the box, gaining skills in one area can strengthen your performance in another.

“Successful design thinking requires the designer be user-centric, innovative and bold,” says Lara Siopis, who studies business. “I think these skills are key to improving the outcomes across design, business and technology departments.”

Modern businesses don’t operate in silos. The leaders who will be most successful are those that can communicate across functional areas and apply creative thinking to even the most technical need. This integrated online master’s degree is bringing creative problem-solvers together from around the world, and we can’t wait to help them evolve their skills.

If you’re interested in applying to USC’s online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology, review our next application deadlines here, or begin your application today.