Certificate in Homeland Security and Public Policy

Sol Price School of Public Policy

This graduate certificate program provides students with a foundation in homeland security and public policy. It is designed to provide expertise to individuals working the field with an interest in refining their risk and security analysis skills as well as others with interest in the field. The certificate develops risk analysis skills and provides students the knowledge needed to understand the issues surrounding the increasingly important issues of homeland security and public policy. This program may be taken in-person or online.

The certificate in homeland security and public policy consists of 15-16 units of graduate course work depending on the course selected.

Sample Courses

Required Core Course (4 UNITS)
PPD 683 — Homeland Security and Public Policy (4)

Choose three of the following (11-12 units)
Students will select three courses from the following list which will total either 11 or 12 units depending on the selection.

PPD 501ab — Economics for Policy, Planning, and Development (4)
PPD 557 — Modeling and Operations Research (4) or
ISE 530 — Introduction to Operations Research (3) or
ISE 562 — Value and Decision Theory (3)
PPD/ISE 587 — Risk Analysis (4)

Faculty Spotlight

Michael B. Nichol Glenn Melnick